Simplicity Does Matter!

I’m been sitting this draft for too long, but before I started my research experiment with Haskell I was looking for a language. I was approaching an AI class for my graduate work, and thought I’d learn Lisp, or at least a lisp.  Clojure was hot, and new (read shiny), so I dove into learning about it’s virtues. It’s virtues are embodied in its creator, Rich Hickey, who while being a great programmer is a fantastic speaker. The first talk I watched from him, “Are We There Yet?” which is a deep philosophical approach to parallelism.  I in 2012, Rich Hickey was invited to speak at RubyCon, and he gave a fantastic talk titles, “Simplicity Matters”. Absolutely fantastic! Eventually, I made my way into Haskell, largely by a comment from Andrei Alexandresku, “Haskell, the language everyone wishes they know.” Rich Hickey’s words however remain in each line of code I write, Do not complect, simplicity matters.