When you do things right, no one can be sure you did anything at all.
— Futurama Season 3

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I specialize in the software no one sees. The high performance, concurrent, hard real-time, high-reliability systems that enable our way of life.

My software fights fraud, and drives tractors. I’ve baked solar cells, made escalators more efficient, optimized fantasy sports. My software helps airplanes land safely.

I’ve improved data center efficiency, and contributed designs and implementation of risk-management microservices for high-performance payment systems behind Zelle®. Currently, I am working to integrated messaging at JoyLabs and Memo

Through all my digital adventures I’ve never forgotten what it is to be a beginner. I love to share that curiosity, and freshness with others in my classes.

Research Interests

  • Formal Specifications
  • Mentoring & Teaching
  • Type Safety
  • Testing
  • Databases